String Theory Christmas fun

Some cool dudes playing some cool tunes at Doc’s in Kelowna, Dec. 16.


A night in the Rockies

I opened my eyes to a red sky over the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

It took a few moments to remember where I was – I wasn’t in Kelowna anymore.

Canmore is dwarfed by jutting rocks towering kilometres over the town, raised by tectonic forces millions of years ago.

With a splash of Baileys in our coffee, we packed the cars and headed to the trailhead. The Trailhead Cafe. Then, finally, the trailhead.

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Center of Gravity in living colour!

The seventh annual Center of Gravity festival took over City Park in Kelowna from July 24 – 26. Below are some shots I took from day two, featuring Yukon Blonde, Phantogram and Flo Rida.

For my article on Kelowna-natives, Yukon Blonde, playing back at home, check out Castanet here.

Also, Flo Rida sprayed champagne all over me and my camera, so that was pretty fun, in a sticky sort of way.

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Wild Son Mountain Tour

In early February I jumped in with the Kelowna-based band Wild Son for a tour through some mountain towns in B.C. and Alberta. I joined up with them in Revelstoke, and travelled through Banff, Kimberley and Golden. While the snow was definitely lacking on the hills, fun was not. Thanks for the adventure gentlemen.

Check out some shots I got throughout the trip.

Also, give their new single a listen here.

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