Fall In Love Too Fast – Griz

I first got into Griz right around the time Mad Liberation was released, and found myself immediately hooked on jazzy, funky, and generally dancey tunes. The album is really diverse, ranging from heavier, dub-steppy, bass-centred songs to lighter and more classic sounding stuff. Fall in Love Too Fast falls into the latter category, sampling Chet Baker’s version of I Fall in Love Too Easily.

The soul of the original is preserved in Griz’s version, but its tempo is quicker and a super catchy beat pushes the song forward. The vocals still give the song a melancholic tone but you can’t keep your head from nodding along to that beat. Baker’s horn solos are still there, interspersed with some sexy guitar that keeps you interested.

Obviously remixes of classics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think this song pays homage to the original, while introducing it to an entirely new generation. And my head just won’t stop nodding along no matter how many times I listen.


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